"Well! I've learnt a lot from BDC Port Harcourt! First of all,the knowledge about business! I'd the same knowledge before coming to BDC but i was doubting it because such knowledge was my own ideas! BDC motivates entrepreneurs to start their own businesses before or shortly after graduation! That's so impressive and makes much more sense! I've studied lots of business and economics in academic classes! To my surprise,most teachers who taught me claimed that they have been teaching economics and business for at least 17 years yet they never owned a single business and at the end of the month they're complaining about the salary! I found this critical and insane! It is totally different from BDC! Something else,is that I like my classmates and enjoy to be in a class of smart visionary people! That's so motivating and inspiring! Frankly speaking one can write numerous pages about BDC! Thanks"

Dusabimana Hallelua Pacifique